Akmene Region Municipality

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L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmenė
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Kodas 188719391
Tel. (8 425) 57 133 Faks. (8 425) 56 594
El.paštas info@akmene.lt
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    The famous linden of
    Papile has got 15 trunks

    Akmene region fascinates with its unique natural areas, untouched by human hand and distinctive landscapes. The river Venta is flowing there, it is the third in Lithuania for its size. To preserve the plants and landscape zones becoming extinct, Venta Regional Park was established, its area is 10600 hectares. 670 species of the higher plants and 140 species of birds are recorder in the park.

    Papile Geological Reserve is significant for the science of archaeology for the fossils of Jurassic Period. There is a beautiful lime-tree with 15 trunks growing in Papile park, it is a monument of nature.

    Northwards from Akmene town there is situated marsh Kamanos, one of the oldest in Europe, sizing 6465 hectares with its protective zone. It is a real open museum of nature. There are 982 species of plants and mushrooms, 558 species of insects and 176 species of birds in the marsh and surrounding forests.

    Kamanai Lake

    Many of them are included into the Red Book of Lithuania as becoming extinct. 176 species of birds are hatching in the marsh. To preserve fauna and flora the State Reserve Kamanos was established in 1979. Economic activity is limited in this reserve in order to leave the Moss layer is very frail in the marsh, therefore a special wooden path for pedestrians has been made for tourists. International marsh protection organization "Telma" included Kamanos into the list of protected European marshes. State Reserve Kamanos was established in 1979.

    Luokava Hill decorated
    with the crown of pines
    looks at Lithuania nad

    Guests of Akmene town and region strive to visit the private botanical garden, established by A.Ciapas, with 358 species of plants, collected during 40 years. The old parks Dabikine, Papile, Kruopiai are cosy to have a rest. Alkiskiai pinery is showing green not far from Naujoji Akmene, there is cemetery of the German soldiers, killed during the 1st World War.

    Sablauskiai, Vadakstis, Kivyliai and a number of smaller ponds may be visited to have a rest and to fish when it is warm. Papile, Viliosiai mounds, Luokava mountain near Naujoji Akmene as well as many places, related with Lithuanian mythology remind the ancient times. Residents of the region are fostering these riches themselves.
    In 1957 Akmene town residents planted a pinery that now has turned into a picturesque park of nature and culture. New accents have been created in Naujoji Akmene town. 

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