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L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmenė
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Tel. (8 425) 57 133 Faks. (8 425) 56 594
El.paštas info@akmene.lt
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    Akmenė district has a public library with its 13 branches. 


    Libraries seek to become institutions satisfying the needs of communities related to spread of information, cultural and social issues, where representatives of all communal groups would be able to:

    • gain and develop needs related to information, culture and social matters;
    • exercise one’s democratic rights;
    • creatively participate in development of knowledge society.


    • Satisfaction of residents’ needs related to information, culture and leisure time.
    • Participation in development of knowledge society.
    • Storage, handling and supply of books, periodicals, audio, video, electronic documents to residents, taking into consideration information, cultural and social education at the municipal level.
    • Libraries provide their services to all residents on the basis of equal rights of use despite age, race, gender, nationality and social status, political or religious beliefs.


    • Spread information to residents of the area, guarantee access to information resources for all residents.
    • Organize various forms of quality leisure time, encourage and promote creative initiative.
    • Improve management, administration and infrastructure of organization, manage changes in the chain of libraries.
    • Promote and develop expertise and motivation of staff.  


    Address. Nepriklausomybės al. 15 a., LT-85128 Naujoji Akmenė; phone: (8 425) 47 011; mobile phone: 8 698 84563; e-mail: direktore@abiblioteka.lt; website: http://biblioteka.akmene.lt/

    Working hours: Monday – Saturday from 11 a. m. until 7 p. m., Friday from 11 a. m. until 6 p. m.

    The chain of the public library and its branches includes:  Public Library Reader Service and Bibliography Department, Children’s Literature Department, Print Management and Acquisition Department; Branches of Akmenė and Venta; Branch of K. Narščius in Papilė; Branches in villages of Agluonos, Kalniškiai, Eglesiai, Jučiai, Kivyliai, Kruopiai, Pakalniškiai, Sablauskiai, Vegeriai.

    Free Internet access is available in all libraries of Akmenė.

    Services provided to readers: e-banking, trainings for residents, filling-in various declarations, special software MAGIC and JAW installed in working places for the sighted and the blind.

    The public library has installed LIBIS, the subsystem of analytical bibliography and LIBIS reader service subsystem.                          


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