Akmene Region Municipality
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All the wealth and fame of Akmene region has been created by people‘s wit and hands. Every new generation has continued and developed its predecessors‘ works and traditions.

Centre of Akmene Town

People started living in this region in the 1st century of our era. Perhaps the oldest information of our land history is the notification about Livonian order master‘s march to Alsiai environs in 1229. In 1359 Sword-bearers fighted against the Lowlanders near Papile. Both people and economy suffered great losses after Swedish invasions in 1625-1626 and 1656-1659. Swedish army fought against the Polish and Lithuanian regiments in 1705. These areas were devastated by plague, epidemics, famine; in 1736 there were only 16 residents in Akmene.

Papile Township situated by
the River Venta is already 750 years old

Akmene land residents participated also in the Lithuanian and Polish uprisings against the occupational government of Russian empire in 1831 and 1863; the rebels won several battles against the regular army in 1863 near Papile. When the Russian czar prohibited Lithuanian press, Lithuanian schools were operating in secret, books in Lithuanian were brought from Prussia and secretly disseminated in the towns and villages.

Commemoration of the victims of
genocide of soviet occupation rule
in Naujoji Akmene

The 1st World War made large losses to the land; it reached this land in April if 1915. Thousands of Jews were exiled from Lithuania, many Lithuanians, Russians and representatives of another nationalities retreated from the war. Many villages and boroughs were destroyed during the 2nd World War, especially in the summer of 1944, when front between Germany and Soviet Union for more than two months had fortified on the right shore of the river Venta. Soviet occupational government exiled more than 1000 of Akmene region residents to concentration camps or imprisoned.

During the Socialist years in Akmene region, as throughout the rest of Lithuania, collective farms and soviet farms were created by force, private ownership was destroyed. The state was building large and unthrifty plants of building materials, that today feel difficulties to integrate into free market.

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