Akmene Region Municipality
L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmene
Code 188719391
tel. (425) 57133, fax (425) 56594,
E-mail: info@akmene.lt
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43 physicians and 268 nurses are taking care of personal health in Akmene region. There is a hospital in Naujoji Akmene, Initial Health Care Center in Akmene with 163 beds. Villagers are rendered initial assistance in 11 medical stations as well as dispensaries of Venta, Papile and Kruopiai.


Botanical gardens cultivated by Mr Antanas Ciapas is
the pride of the whole land of Akmene

There is a sanatorium in Akmene town, rendering mental health restoration services. Mental Facilities assist in overcoming depression, spiritual tiredness, stress consequences. More than 100 lonely old persons are attended in Naujoji Akmene boarding house, installed with the help of the Red Cross of German Bocholt town. Formerly air in Naujoji Akmene and its environs was strongly polluted by industry. However for already several decades volumes of emitted sulphur, nitrogen and carbon oxides has decreased and is supervised strictly.

Botanical garden, established by A.Ciapas, with 358 species of plants, evidences that even fastidious and rare plants from another countries can grow there. This botanical garden of 24 ares in 2000 was acknowledged a protected natural object.

Town and village communities arrange yearly competitions for the best houses and homesteads, number of cosy and tastefully managed homesteads is permanently growing. Rural tourism becomes popular.

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