Akmene Region Municipality
L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmene
Code 188719391
tel. (425) 57133, fax (425) 56594,
E-mail: info@akmene.lt
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Akmenė District stretches in the northern part of the country, close to the Lithuanian-Latvian border. Having collected the waters of 80 rivers and streams, Venta, the largest river in the region and its tributaries Dabikinė, Virvytė and Vadakstis, carry their waters into the Baltic Sea. Akmenė District was established on 20th June 1950. Šiauliai–Mažeikiai highway and a railway run through it. The municipal area includes Naujoji Akmenė, Akmenė and Venta towns, the townships of Papilė and Kruopiai; Akmenė, Kruopiai rural elderships as well as Naujoji Akmenė, Venta and Papilė elderships. Naujoji Akmenė is the seat of the District. The district covers the area of 84,400 hectares and is a home to more than 25,000 residents. 31.6% of the area is made of woodland, 57.9 % of farmland and 6.5% of peat bogs. The District boasts great deposits of limestone, which has enhanced development of construction materials industry in the area. The residents of the District are traditionally engaged in farming. The rivers turn the turbines of small-scale power stations. Akmenė District is known for its outstanding natural attractions. Akmenė Nature and Culture Park, situated along the left bank valley of the Dabikinė river, is an absolute must see. It features a spectacular pine forest dotted with walking trails, cycle tracks, rest areas and oak sculptures. The highlight of the Park is an original summer stage made of stone where traditional events of great popularity take place.


Why visit Akmenė District? Akmenė District offers spectacular natural attractions: Kamanai bog, one of a kind not only in Lithuania but in Europe as well; geological feature in Venta Regional Park: Papilė rock exposure displaying fossilized fauna of the Jurassic period. There are so many things to do: climb Papilė mounds, admire a 15-trunk lime tree, visit museums of Simonas Daukantas and Lazdynų Pelėda and, if you are a lover of water tourism, follow the routes along the meandering rivers Venta and Virvytė.

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