Akmene Region Municipality
L.Petravičiaus a.2, LT-85132 Naujoji Akmene
Code 188719391
tel. (425) 57133, fax (425) 56594,
E-mail: info@akmene.lt
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Ramuciai Gymnasium

There are 7 secondary, 4 general and 4 primary mainstream schools in Akmene region, where 560 teachers teach 5300 pupils. There are 7 pre- school establishments (kindergartens) attended by 440 children. 3 musical schools train musical skills in children, 460 gifted pupils learn playing various musical instruments there.

Sources of education in Akmene region reach 1569, when Ona, queen of Poland and Lithuania, directed to build a school near Akmene church for local children. In the beginning of the 19th century Akmene, Papile and Kruopiai had primary schools.

Glorious is historical stage of this land of 1864-1904, when the Russian occupational government had prohibited Lithuanian press and official use of the Lithuanian language. Secret schools were operating in various places of the region, teaching the native language, chores, Catholic religion and other subjects.

Kyokushin Karate Club Energija

Edita Pucinskaite, Citizen of Honour of the region, winner of Tour de France and World Championship cycle races, has made Akmene region famous both in Europe and in the world.350 young persons attend the regional sports center. Especially popular is kyokushin karate club "Energija", leaded by an experienced trainer V.Silvaska, who has trained European champions O.Jomantaite and D.Imbras and Lithuanian champions I.Jasinskas and J.Cinauskaite. Football, basketball, table tennis, boxing, other branches of sports are also popular.

Aviation sports club is situated near Akmene town, uniting brave amateurs of this branch of sports, it has trained 8 gliding masters of sports.

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